The Wall Street Journal looked at how some of South Korea’s conglomerates involved in the construction industry are dealing with the current real estate market decline. looked at the “UAE’s 30 most profitable companies.”

Art Collecting

JingDaily asked, “China [is] now the world’s largest art and antiques market, but what does it mean?”

Real Estate

A new Lloyds TSB International Global Housing Market Review found that home prices in “emerging markets saw the biggest increases … over the past decade.”

Philanthropy Report

At Dasra‘s India Philanthropy Forum last week, Bain & Co. released the 2012 edition of its India Philanthropy Report. You can read tweets from the forum by searching for the hashtag #IPF2012.

Background reading

The Academic Impressions website featured two articles based on an interview with Gretchen Dobson, author of Being Global: Making the Case for International Alumni Relations: “Transitioning International Students into Your Donor Pipeline” and “Engaging International Alumni.” Along with these articles, you will see a link to my upcoming AI course on international prospect research.