International prospect research news for 15 January 2014

Oliver Rui, Co-Director of the CEIBS Kaifung Centre for Family Heritage in Shanghai, talked with the Wall Street Journal‘s Wei Gu about “Why… Chinese businessmen are investing in overseas assets” (video above). Meanwhile, China has become the world’s largest market for Rolls-Royce, according to the Wall Street Journal. Forbes released its Hong Kong Billionaires list. This year, investments in Macau casinos […]


Five online classes for international fundraisers

Are you looking for some context for your international fundraising efforts? Here are five upcoming, online classes that cover intercultural communication, global business trends, recent world history, and more. You either can take the courses for credit or just audit them by watching the video lectures on your next long-distance flight.   The Emergence of […]

Aerial view of Copacabana Beach by Gustavo Facci

Fundraising and alumni event venues in Rio de Janeiro

  Are you planning a fundraising or alumni event in Rio de Janeiro in 2014? To help you get started finding the right venue, here are some hotels, conference centers, restaurants, and cafes that were used by US-based organizations for similar events in 2013. (Please note:  The resources listed here are for your reference only […]

Savills Report

International prospect research news roundup for 8 January 2014

Savills created this map predicting UK home price trends over the next five years. You can see the whole map here. Home prices in Dubai rocketed up 22% in 2013, according to More Swiss banks agreed “to share information with US authorities” about American clients using their institutions to shelter wealth from taxes. The Financial […]

BBC Documentary - Nelson Mandela

Global philanthropy news, 7 January 2014 edition

The BBC produced a video (above) about Nelson Mandela’s legacy as a philanthropist. The Hudson Institute released its 2013 Index of Global Philanthropy. This year’s report includes a “special report on emerging economies.” The winter issue of Philanthropy Impact magazine includes articles on Muslim philanthropy and a history of philanthropy in the Middle East. On a […]

Photo by Images of Money

Leading cross-border gifts of 2013

Who made big cross-border charitable donations in 2013? I created a short list using the following guidelines. The gifts on my list were all made by individual donors who were alive at the time their gifts were made (i.e., no bequests were included) worth at least US$1 million made to organizations based in the United […]