Euro coins and banknotes

According to the New York Times today, “European leaders said… they had reached a deal meant to resolve Greece’s debt crisis and avert a historic fracture in the Continent’s common currency project.”

The French business magazine Challenges released its annual list of the 500 largest fortunes in France last week. Right now, you can view the whole list in the magazine’s print version and details about the top 20 fortunes on the magazine’s website. The full list will be posted online on Thursday, 16 July.

Caixin reported “nearly half of A-Shares” on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges stopped trading in the midst of recent market crash. Forbes reported that the crash “ended the billionaire standing of dozens of entrepreneurs that can now only more modestly called ‘rich.’ ”  The Wall Street Journal reported that many Chinese stock investors are switching to real estate in light of recent events.

Results of an Urban Land Institute survey showed Shanghai is “the top Chinese city for real estate investment,” according to news coverage in Mingtiandi.

India’s outsourcing industry is faltering. reported house prices in Dubai will “rebound in late 2016, early 2017.”


Photo: By Avij (talk · contribs) (Own work) [ECB decisions ECB/2003/4 and ECB/2003/5 or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons